Tips to Help Kids Get Fit

Thursday, 11 December 2014 by

  Fit kids are not only healthier, but they can also be happier, more confident and less prone to depression and anxiety. You can help your children reap all those benefits with four quick tips aimed to increase your child’s activity levels. Cut down on TV and computer time. Curtailing your kids’ TV and computer

How Inversion Therapy Can Boost Your Health

Thursday, 11 December 2014 by

  If back pain or sciatica agony has got you down, inversion therapy may be able to turn it around – literally. Inversion therapy involves suspending yourself upside down to alleviate pressure on our spine. The upside-down position uses gravity to achieve spinal decompression, elongating your spine and decompressing the disks, nerves and other related

How a Pedometer Can Improve Your Health

Tuesday, 02 December 2014 by

  One eight-letter word can help you improve your health, and that word is “pedometer.” It’s actually the device itself, not the word, that can enhance your fitness levels. And the little device does so with a big dose of psychology. What They Are Pedometers are small devices you attach to your waistband or other

  Not all bikes are created equal, and this counts double when it comes to indoor exercise bikes. While there are dozens of variations on the market, you can generally place the cycles into one of two categories. One is made up of traditional stationary bikes and the other consists of training cycles. The greatest