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We care about you and want you to live healthy and happy. That’s why we created a cool App to be your assistant and trainer. MyCloudFitness App and website portal is easy to use with lots of features. Best of all, it’s Free for you. So, enjoy your workout, set your goals, and get started.
MyCloudFitness App and compatible exercise machines will be available soon. MyCloudFitness App tracks and keeps your workout records for you. It can even encourage you to achieve your goals.

Available now at Apple Store.

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Android App on Google Play

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Exercise Time

Exercise is more fun when you know that you're making progress. Track your speed, distance, time and calories burned during your workout. You'll be happy and amazed at what you can achieve.
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Preset Programs

MyCloudFitness offers a number of challenging programs that have been preset. Change and add diversity to your regimen to make your workout more fun and challenging. Select a one that's the best fit for you, and let's get started.
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Heart Rate Control

Get into the right zone. MyCloudFitness Heart Rate Control function automatically adjusts the level settings to keep your heart rate in a specified target zone. Hold onto the pulse sensors on the handlebars to simply monitor your heart rate during workouts.
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Set Those Goal

Setting, then reaching established goals is a great way to mark levels of achievement. You can establish these goals by distance, calories burned or exercise duration. Whether it’s losing weight or preparing for a 100-mile bike ride, MyCloudFitness can help you get there where you want to be.
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MyCloudFitness offers summaries of your exercise program and other activities. You can track everything from calories burned to exercise duration. Set-up these reports so you can see them daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly to see how far you've come with your program.
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Log Activities

Keep track of your various fitness targets. Enter your food and/or calorie intake or your activities by logging the information in manually.