How a Pedometer Can Improve Your Health

Tuesday, 02 December 2014 by

  One eight-letter word can help you improve your health, and that word is “pedometer.” It’s actually the device itself, not the word, that can enhance your fitness levels. And the little device does so with a big dose of psychology. What They Are Pedometers are small devices you attach to your waistband or other

  Not all bikes are created equal, and this counts double when it comes to indoor exercise bikes. While there are dozens of variations on the market, you can generally place the cycles into one of two categories. One is made up of traditional stationary bikes and the other consists of training cycles. The greatest

Cool Way to Burn Calories at Your Desk Job

Monday, 24 November 2014 by

  Sedentary lifestyles can be bad for your health, and it doesn’t get much more sedentary that sitting at a desk all day. But you have an easy way to get your work done while getting some exercise. It’s called the treadmill workstation. Treadmill workstations consist of a treadmill with an attached upper platform on