Foot-Infrared-Therapy (F.I.T.)

Fit 01Fit Weight01Foot-Infrared-TherapyTM (F.I.T.) is an innovative technology patented by Paradigm Health & Wellness Inc. F.I.T. is a revolutionary innovation for the sauna room or personal sauna which brings the benefits of far infrared heat therapy to the next level of “Therapeutic Sauna.” F.I.T. works through the implementation of in-floor radiant thermo-top technology by producing far infrared heat therapy from the floor panel where you rest your feet. The far infrared heat penetrates deep into your foot tissue, enhancing your blood circulation and relaxing your foot muscles. Together with far infrared generated in our sauna unit, the system increases your body temperature in a very short period of time, allowing greatly improving blood circulation throughout your entire body and increased weight loss.

Our sauna units use carbon fiber heaters to emit the far infrared rays for high quality and even heat distribution throughout the unit.

F.I.T. system has been implemented in our new sauna lines.