Ironkids Premier 550 Fitness Swing Set with Refreshing Mist

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An IRONKID is a youth who is inspired and motivated through sport to lead an active, positive and healthy lifestyle.






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What is an IRONKID?

An IRONKID is a youth who is inspired and motivated through sport to lead an active, positive and healthy lifestyle.

Started in 1985 the IRONKIDS National Triathalon (swimming, running, biking) is the Premier youth race series in the United States. Seven time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong is a past IRONKID. Thousands of kids in the United States aspire to compete in these IRONKIDS races that are organized across the country.

The IRONKIDS Premier 550 Fitness Swing Set with Refreshing Mist was created to keep kids cool while having fun and getting a good workout at the same time. The misting system helps keeps active kids cool during hot weather and adds the fun of playing with water to the fitness elements of the Premier 550. The mist system combined with the extended sunshade lets kids go outside and play instead of being stuck indoors with the air conditioner even when it’s hot outside.

  • 42” Fitness Jumper Trampoline –made with a heavy gauge welded steel frame, heat treated steel springs and a USA made jumping mat. It can handle kids up to 100 lbs. Included is a safety handle bar to hold on to.
  • 2 Swings with contoured plastic seats and thick plastic covered swing chains for hand protection and can be switched out with almost any 3rd party toddler swings.
  • Monkey Bar with added Hand Grips for additional fitness fun
  • Fitness Slide made of tough Poly Propylene plastic, UV treated with added antifreeze protection for the worst of weather conditions. Rolled sides for hand protection
  • Rope Climb – Ergonomically designed and molded connectors fit children’s hands well and help provide good grip on the ¾” think, heavy duty, inter-twined PP rope. The rope is treated to be weather resistant giving it a long live in any climate.
  • Soft Deck – Soft nylon deck in-between the rope walls lets kids rest and be social of each other.
  • Refreshing Mist System – Our patent pending controllable misting feature keeps kids cool while playing without soaking everything.  The system has an adjustable mist volume control and 4 brass nozzles, designed for long lasting use, cover all stations of the swing set. It hooks up simply to any external faucet.
  • Bonus Feature –Expanded Sunshade to provide UV sun protection and help keep kids cool when they are playing


  • The IRONKIDS Premier 550 comes with a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” on the frame (See Owner’s Manual for further details) and 6 months coverage on all other components!


  • Includes almost all required tools.  All parts are provided ready to be assembled.
  • Only additional tools needed for assembly are a hammer, tape measure and a Phillips screwdriver.
  • With two adults working together, assembly should take between 4-6 hours
  • A clear Owner’s Manual details all parts included and with clear assembly instructions.
  • If you decide to move and take it with you the product disassembles in a fraction of the time, 1 hour with one person.

Frame and Construction

  • 2” silver powder coated tubular steel. “Arch Built” U shaped support posts provide greater stability and safety than standard V-framed swing sets. Installed correctly the swing set is perfectly balanced and the support posts should not come off the ground when in use.
  • *Fitness Jumper Trampoline – Develops a sense of balance and space and also can enhance full body coordination. Strengthens the legs, knees, and hamstring muscle groups
  • *Swings – Swinging burns calories and engages muscle groups, particularly hamstrings and quadriceps. It can build endurance in the knees and hips as well as works the AB muscles, shoulders, upper back and neck
  • *Monkey Bars with Hand Grips – Builds arm strength and helps keep off excess weight through exercise. Also, the arms, shoulders and chest will strengthen using the Monkey Bars
  • *Fitness Slide – Develops and builds kid’s confidence with height and gravity.
  • *Rope Climb – Helps grow a kid’s sense of balance and co-ordination. Climbing on ropes strengthens both arm and leg muscles.
  • *Mist Feature – Keeps kids cool while exercising letting them go out and play on hot summer days instead of staying inside.

Set up Dimensions

  • Dimensions when constructed are 13.3’L x 9’W x 8.25’ H

Carton Dimensions

  • Box is 83"L x 18"W x 12.5"H

Weight Capacity

  • Due to the sturdy construction, the Premier 550 can support up to 600 lbs of combined weight between 6 kids!

Safety Information

  • Tested up to the standards of the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) as well as certified up to ASTM F2276 standards
  • Included corkscrew shaped ground anchors prevent any unsafe or unstable movement.

Age Range

  • Designed for children between the ages of 3 and 8.