Trouble Losing Belly? Here’s Why

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Trouble Losing Belly? Here's Why


When extra fat starts creeping in around the belly and waistline, you may think doing extra sit-ups or other abdominal exercises will whittle it away in a jiffy. But it won’t. An increase in belly fat typically occurs when your body starts accumulating too much overall fat, and the excess ends up around your middle. To successfully get rid of it, you need to embark on an overall weight loss plan.

Why You Get It
In addition to overall weight gain, belly fat can start to pile up for a couple of other reasons. Aging generally results in a loss of muscle mass and an increase of fat. You may find that fat hanging out around your belly. Women can be more prone than men to belly fat as their estrogen levels decrease during menopause. Genetics may also play a
role, with both men and women possibly predisposed to a body shape that carries excess weight around the middle.

How to Lose It

Belly fat can be tough to lose because it’s not limited to the fat directly below your skin. It also encompasses what is known as visceral fat, or the fat deep inside the abdominal area that surrounds your internal organs. To firm up your middle, you need to lose extra fat throughout your entire body. Increasing your exercise can help, as can increasing the intensity level of moderate exercise to vigorous exercise. Decreasing stress levels can be another helpful move, as high levels of chronic stress have been linked to excess fat around the abdomen.

Follow a healthy eating plan stocked with plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, grains and lean meats instead of processed foods. Keep a food diary that tracks exactly what you eat, when and how much. Make sure you’re burn off more calories than you consume, which is the bottom line for losing weight.

While losing belly fat can be tough, it’s not impossible. Create a game plan and stick with it, aiming for a slow and steady weight loss of 2 pounds per week at the most. Losing weight slowly through the adoption of healthier habits can result in the lifestyle changes you need to keep the belly fat from coming back.

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