Where to Find Easy Mobile App Tracking for Fitness (Hint: Everywhere)

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Where to Find Easy Mobile App Tracking for Fitness


Getting motivated to exercise can be tough enough. Actually tracking your activity to gauge your progress can be even more of a headache. Or at least it used to be. Keeping tabs on your daily fitness routine has suddenly become a breeze with a flurry of mobile apps. Yes, the world of apps has entered the fitness realm, and you can find three apps right here at Paradigm Health and Wellness.

MyCloudFitness App
The free MyCloudFitness app is a one-stop shop for all your fitness activities. You can track your exercise time, speed, distance and calories burned during your workouts. Not only will you know how far you’ve come, but you can keep an eye on where you’re going. The app lets you set goals, log your food intake, and review reports on your progress.

The free app is available for Android and Apple systems.

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IronStrong Apps
Ironman Fitness offers two free IronStrong apps that help you create and achieve the most powerful workouts from the Ironman Fitness exercise products. The IronStrong Fitness app is compatible with two of the training bikes while the IronStrong Fitness Pro app works with one of the upright cycles, one of the recumbent bikes and two of the elliptical trainers. Both apps automatically record your exercise sessions using the specific equipment, with the options of manually logging in your weight and steps. They both also provide regular reports you can use to track your progress and ensure you’re meeting your fitness goals. The IronStrong Fitness Pro app additionally adjusts your resistance levels based on your target heart rate.
The free apps are available for Android and Apple.

IronStrong Fitness App

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IronStrong Fitness Pro App

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Fitness App Benefits
Apps are no fun unless they’re easy to install and use, and these two apps have that category covered. Simply download to
install, following the easy-to-follow instructions to set up your profile and enter additional information.
Keeping tabs on your regular workouts and daily activity can be a great motivator. It can help you push yourself to improve, or
at least meet your daily fitness goals. The apps also make it easy for you and your exercise buddies to share information, which
can lead to loads of praise, encouragement, support – and the drive to keep up the awesome work.